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About The Company:
We show up, every day, to change the world! We are part of a larger tribe, Disruptors for Good, who do the same thing in their families, communities all over the world.

To be the change we wish to see in the world, we created the educational platform, Mrs. Green’s World. Our platform inspires ways of living that are healthy, sustainable, and socially just. We discuss real issues by leveraging experts and science to get trustworthy information.

Our message of climate reality reaches all corners of the physical and digital worlds through our podcasts, website, social media, public speaking, and events.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to change our climate reality and make this a socially just world for all!


About Grotte Business Partners

We have extensive experience working on small and middle-size market M&A transactions across different industries. We bring the expertise, cross-functional team, and know-how of a top-tier M&A firm to assist companies that do not have the resources to enter an engagement with large national firms.

Our approach is to help our clients build an M&A advisory team that includes a legal expert, a CPA, and a financial advisor to develop a cross-functional strategy to maximize the value of their transaction.