Grotte Community Research & Resources is Our Business-Innovator for the Month of September 2021

We are pleased to announce that HSR.Health has been retained as our Business-Innovator for the month of September 2021. In this month newsletter, we dive deep into their work and the cutting-edge technology they are leveraging to make quality healthcare accessible to every individual across the planet. Based in Rockville, MD, is a leading…
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Biden’s Chess Move That Could Tame the Economy: A Lesson from Netflix

Upon taking office, President Biden will be faced with more challenges than most American Presidents had to manage during the entire terms of their administrations. Between a dilapidated economy, a weakened healthcare infrastructure, a politically divided nation, and several ongoing wars, the list of priorities could not get any longer. Which of those priorities the…
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How Is De-urbanization Set to Affect Small to Mid-Size Companies?

As the pandemic recedes, small to mid-size companies, which bore the brunt of the lockdown, are set to face a new set of challenges: cope with the influx of migration out of the big cities. De-urbanization is not a new concept; however, in light of COVID-19, the debate has taken on new intensity. In an…
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Five Key Benefits of Using Debts to Grow Your Business

There is no doubt that we will see a boom in entrepreneurship once the lockdown is over. And as this occurs, the perpetual question of what type of funding strategy a business owner should use to grow their business will be back as a constant debate. Over the years, I have spoken with hundreds of…
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Business Planning is Overrated; Strategy and Execution Are Undervalued

As 2020 draws to a close, most of us are probably going through our notes to see what we may jot down as “plans” for 2021. But, as Mike Tyson famously stated: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” If there is one lesson we have learned in 2020 is that…
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How To Keep Your Business In Check

Running a business is similar to operating a machine. It is important to ensure all the pieces are coordinated and working properly. There are seven tools business owners must have in their tool box, which are: 1. Business-Needs Review Everything starts by zeroing in on the factors that make a difference in your business —…
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About Grotte Business Partners

We have extensive experience working on small and middle-size market M&A transactions across different industries. We bring the expertise, cross-functional team, and know-how of a top-tier M&A firm to assist companies that do not have the resources to enter an engagement with large national firms.

Our approach is to help our clients build an M&A advisory team that includes a legal expert, a CPA, and a financial advisor to develop a cross-functional strategy to maximize the value of their transaction.