The Surest Way to Sell your Business

At Grotte LLC., we’re all about specializing in one thing, which is business acquisition. We make it easy for business owners to exit their practice by providing them with the platform where they can sell their company in an expeditiously safe and secure manner.

I look for people looking to sell their business and buy either the entire business or part of it. I usually put together a team who assists me with the deal. We are industry agnostic, though I have a preference for community pharmaceutical companies. If it makes good business sense, then we will do it.

For example, recently I have been approached by a fellow who owns a wine company in the Midwest region. They have been growing very rapidly for the past 5 years with considerable margin of profit. I have put together a team, which has helped me in acquiring part of this company.

Our Mission

We’re not seeking to reinvent the wheel by starting brand-new companies. Our mission is to identify those that have been in operation for an extended period of time and to connect their owners with willing buyers.

Serving the Community

We understand that small businesses are essential for community building and strengthening. They also play a vital role in our economy, as they create employment opportunities and give individuals a chance to achieve financial independence. Just like how entrepreneurs increase their wealth through dividends, we also aim to add value to the people in our communities by facilitating their access to small business ownership.